Here Are 5 Ways To Dress Up Your Bath, In A Flash, For Little Cash!

Most of the bathroom is among the most overlooked rooms in the house with regards to decorating. We have a tendency to find it like a utilitarian space, while we spend a great deal of time at this point. (More, when you have teenagers!) Take a few hours to turn your bath into an enjoyable and comforting retreat yourself, without spending a lot of cash.

Remove The Clutter In The Bathroom

Remove The Clutter In The Bathroom

1. Remove the clutter! In case you can’t get a lot of the makeup and shaving cream below the sink, (and who can?) pick up several baskets from the dollar shop and corral them in. Make sure there’s a hinder. If you’re short on space, utilize the kind that hangs around the back from the door. A large drawstring bag is acceptable for this also. (He could actually make use of it… Ok, it’s objective.)

2. Dress up that large frameless mirror. Hang swags of material from cup hooks to hide and make softer the edges of the mirror, and to provide a “frame”. Or actually, use cut lengths of 1×4 lumber, and connect them to the wall above the edges of the mirror to simulate a real wood frame. You are able to stain or paint them as well to organize with your cabinets.

3. Talking about cabinets, how about providing them with a simple remodel? Paint them black for a sophisticated look, or white with sponge painting to have a country theme. Try some of the hot faux finishes. You are able to paint the Formica counters. Just clean well and apply a special primer first like BIN or KILZ. Then seal with 4-6 coats of polyurethane following the paint dries out. Should last for years!

Add Some Detail To The Bathroom

Add Some Detail To The Bathroom

4. Paint the full room, such as the ceiling a deep, rich color. Although a small room, a deep color around the walls lets them disappear, and at once makes all the room comfortable and looks more spacious.

5. And lastly, add some detail to the room. Sew fabric edging for your towels, add a shell for a soap dish, and stitch up a pretty shower curtain to cover that vinyl one. Hang some calendar pictures on the wall in dollar store frames…perhaps of a faraway place you can desire when you soak away your cares? When you have natural light in the room from a window, add a plant or two.

Now light up some candle lights, turn on a bit of music, and fill up the bath with sweet smelling bubbles. Your getaway awaits!

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