Yard Figurines Can Help Create A Visually Pleasant Experience

Decorating your yard does not have to involve the same tacky pink flamingos that your grandmother used to have. There are many more options available to you and are as simple as going to your local store.

The same goes for yard figurines as it does for everything else in life. Too much of a good thing can cause anything to go bad. Too many yard figurines can make your land go from inviting sanctuary to cluttered want to be the outdoor museum. Moderation is key in decorating outdoors.

Gnomes Statue As A Yard Figurine

Gnomes Statue As A Yard Figurine

Placing reasonably sized statues randomly throughout the yard can create a visually enjoyable experience. Placing a figurine of a small animal under a bush or by a plant is a cute idea that can give the illusion of an actual animal peaking out. Yard figurines that involve animals, fairies or small angels are always a pleasant choice. If the statue is larger than the average height of a person, it is best to avoid it. Think simplicity when it comes to a yard figurine’s size as well. Keeping the figurines the size they are in real life is more visually appealing to the average onlooker. If you do choose a large piece to keep it simple, have other plants around it to detract from the size and never ever have more than one large piece together.

Yard figurines don’t necessarily mean just statues of animals and such. Yard figurines also include fountains. The sound of water can be very calming adding beauty and a little bit of nature to your yard. Other not so thought about options are gazing balls. These are glazed often colored balls that are either on a fountain like a podium or placed in clusters throughout the garden.

Placing A Figurine Of Turtle Statue Under A Bushes

Placing A Figurine Of Turtle Statue Under A Bushes

Another aspect to take into consideration is a yard figurine practicality. A small figurine of a turtle or hedgehog by the door that also serves as a boot or shoe scraper. This is helpful in so many ways if you have problems with dirt being tracked into the house. Some yard figurines can also double as planters bringing in more nature to your yard in a quirky pleasant way.

Never underestimate the use of a plain rock as a yard figurine. Yes, there might not be much to it. Of course, it is just a rock but a pretty colored somewhat large rock placed in a flower bed or on the edge can help create a visually pleasant experience.

They key to yard figurines is to not only keep it simple but to also think creatively. Let your yard figurines reflect you and your home. Choose pieces that are visually pleasing and add a reflection of who you are. Look at other people’s gardens to take in inspiration for ideas. Taking these steps can help transform your yard into an inviting sanctuary and keep you from having a yard like your grandmother’s.

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