Adding A Little Wild Decor To Your Home With Feathers

Willing to be a little wild inside your decorating? The secret to great decorating is to be bold and creative without ever staying tasteless. Here’s a good idea which can be unique enough to get noticed, but won’t be out of place.

Rather than just flowers in a silk arrangement, use feathers! Feathers bring an extra little bit of texture and life to the standard silk flower display. Pheasant and also peacock feathers will prove to add height and drama. Bright colored feathers will make your display eye-catching and different. To create softness to a bouquet, try ostrich plumes.

Colored Feathers Make Your Decor Display Unique

Colored Feathers Make Your Decor Display Unique

You may want to leave the flowers out to make your arrangement entirely away from feathers. An interesting container serves as an excellent starting point. Search for one with an animal skin motif. Duck feathers in a leather container will prove to add a strong feel to any office or game room. Short feathers at the base, with spikes of pheasant plumes, create a great attention drawing the piece for a buffet or hall table.

Unique feathers can also add spice to a bedroom. Put them out with candle lights for a special night, and make a very romantic mood. You could even try a boa for yourself!

Look outside for feathers of local birds from your area. You are able to use these to make a statement about your love of where you’ve decided to live. Take a walk in a nearby wooded park and shortly you’ll have a collection from local birds. Typically these are small feathers, but they’ll claim “home” in a cute display on an end table.

Combine Feathers With Natural Items Such As Twigs, Moss, And Dried Seeds

Combine Feathers With Natural Items Such As Twigs, Moss, And Dried Seeds

Search the floral section of your favorite craft store for interesting natural products such as moss, twigs and also dried seeds to raise your design. A skilled florist can help you change these elements into a stunning display for your own home.

Don’t be afraid to try things out. You’re certain to draw interesting comments and with reasonable consideration, you will get a stimulating look to any room.

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